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3 Reasons Why Companies Use Boutique Staffing Agencies

Finding the right talent is a struggle for many companies. If you are looking for an optimal match to fill your open positions, Espresso Recruiting can help! Hiring a boutique staffing agency has a lot of perks, and that is why more and more companies are doing so.

Firstly, what is a boutique staffing agency? Typically, the term “boutique staffing” refers to a smaller staffing firm that exhibits a high level of customer service and is specialized in certain areas. This is true from us at Espresso Recruiting, as we specialize in the legal, corporate, and medical fields.

There are many reasons companies decide to go with a boutique recruiting agency, but here is the top 3.

Searching For Specific Applicants

When you are in search of an applicant with a specific set of skills to fill your open position, a boutique staffing agency that specializes in that field is going to be very beneficial. Large firms tend to have a more generic approach and often have an overload of applicants to sift through. A boutique staffing agency with a specialized focus in specific industries will have more niche experience and an already established network built up. This is invaluable when you are in a time crunch or need very high-quality candidates. Your experience with a boutique recruiting firm will be more personally tailored to your needs and the underlining values of your company.

Streamlined Hiring Process

When working with a boutique recruiting firm, the hiring process is often faster and more efficient than it may be with a larger firm. Simply put, a smaller, more specialized firm has a smaller, more specialized team working on getting you the most optimal match. When dealing with larger firms, there are often more people involved in the process all the way around, which may cause the process to find a candidate take much longer.


Large firms are working to fill a higher number of positions at any given time. Often having an overload of applicants, there are times that quality is sacrificed for the sake of time. You may be handed a candidate that the firm knows as little about that person as you do. At Espresso Recruiting, being a boutique firm, we invest time and thorough processes to vet and get to know our candidates because we want to get it right the first time. The quality and optimal fit of the candidate we match matters to us.

If you need a boutique agency like Espresso Recruiting, reach out to us. We look forward to hearing from you!



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